Richard Mitchell

Moving in the Fast Lane with ANSYS Motion

Talk Abstract:
ANSYS Motion – Powerful Multibody Dynamics: ANSYS Motion is a solution for Multibody Dynamics and Flexible Multibody Dynamics with pre-processing integrated into ANSYS Mechanical (release 2019 R2) and a powerful, industry proven stand alone interface for full capability access.

The 2019 R2 Mechanical interface will also see the most significant update since it’s first incarnation nearly 20 years ago.

The third generation and fast, tightly coupled, rigid and flexible solvers allow customers to study situations beyond previous capabilities. Modal flexible, meshed flexible and rigid parts can be tied together with standard joints and connections so accurate loadings on the components can be calculated, reported on and visualised.

A series of dedicated toolkits enable applications in specialist areas to be carried out such as vehicle ride and handling, powertrain design and analyses of systems with linkages like chains, belts and continuous tracks.

Richard Mitchell is part of the Mechanical product management team for ANSYS. He joined ANSYS in 2006 before which he worked for over five years in the analysis groups at e2v Technologies in the UK carrying out structural, fluid and optical simulations.

Mitchell studied Computer Aided Engineering and Design at Sheffield Hallam University.