Henrike Wonneberger

Stop warehousing, produce upon customers' demand

What do Miele, Siena Garden, and RehaMedPower have in common? Despite their diverse industries, spanning household appliances, garden furniture, and wheelchair manufacturing, they all share the same visionary approach. Instead of stockpiling thousands of components in warehouses, they’ve embraced on-demand 3D printing.

Traditionally, businesses face a dilemma: prioritize customer satisfaction or operational efficiency. However, Miele, Siena Garden, and RehaMedPower have discovered a solution that delivers both. From an expanded range of accessories to improved availability of spare parts and customized production, these companies are leveraging the full potential of 3D printing and digital warehousing.

In this presentation, Henrike Wonneberger, co-founder of Replique, will dive into the three use cases and demonstrate how you can implement this customer-centric manufacturing approach practically and efficiently. While 3D printing serves as the enabler for cost-effective small-batch production, Henrike will also emphasize the importance of a digital inventory platform and a connected production network for effectively scaling this solution in an industrial context.