Yazan Malkosh


Founder and CEO of swatchbook

Design Viz //
The Future of Materials

Passion for materials? Check. Design product development? Check. Visualization production for 15 years? Double check. Currently leading the team at swatchbook in creating a cloud platform meant to revolutionize the exploration, visualization and sharing of materials. His previous experience included architecting product design tools for some of the world’s largest design brands in apparel, footwear and the automotive industries.

In the real world, materials define a product: its aesthetics, its structure, its quality.

Yet when looking at the digital world, there is a clear disconnect between design, engineering, and manufacturing when it comes to materials. They are always lacking something. While materials are quintessential for visualization and manufacturing, there is no link between the 2.  Management tools are made by engineers for engineers and manufacturers. There are no material standards. And where are the suppliers?
This talk looks at the future of materials in the digital space, what is needed, and what swatchbook is doing to try to help solve these problems. At the end of this talk you’ll understand why swatchbook ❤️ materials