Stephen Dyson


Special Operations Manager
Additive Manufacturing //
"The Need for Speed"

Talk Abstract:
The speed of product development is affected by a number of
factors. Very early stages of the process include concept development, initial design and product validation,
and some product testing in terms of aesthetic appeal or functionality.

Prototyping can be a significant time investment for R&D teams, so manufacturers should turn to rapid
prototyping techniques to shorten development times and reduce risk.
The power of the rapid prototyping approach lies not just in the individual pieces of production technology
that are available, but in the way that digital manufacturing makes those technologies available within an end-
to-end digital process that starts with the customer and ends with a part being shipped – perhaps just a day
after it has been ordered. For this reason, rapid prototyping, a very different paradigm from conventional
business models and the traditional value chain, offers global designers and engineers unprecedented speed-
to-market value.

Leading the Special Operations division at Protolabs Europe in Telford, Stephen is
driving service and process innovation, developing resources and additional services to support the growth of
the firm’s core manufacturing services.