Shay Moradi & Paul Heys

Vital Auto

VP of Innovation and Experiential Technology & VP of Visual Design
Keynote Speaker //
How visions of future products come to life in automotive

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Vital Auto Header HOLDING IMAGETalk Abstract:

When the lines between, brand product and services becomes blurred, in the age of the metaverse where experiences don’t look like anything we’ve seen before, where emerging technologies shape and influence our lives for better or worse, how does prototyping experience (both physical and digital) in the highest fidelity and validating these visions accurately, provide design leaders with opportunities to enhance their products.

Where and how do we collaborate with new tools that have at their core machine learning? Paul and Shay working at Vital Auto operate at that exact intersection between analogue and digital. Collectively they are responsible for creating new systems, new tools and producing innovative interfaces and creative strategies that impact consumer experience from end to end.


Together, Shay Moradi and Paul Heys have a wealth of experience in merging creative strategy, visual design, interaction design and the application of emerging technologies in the product design process. Both having spent almost two decades integrating industry and academia, the work they’ve done commercially has shaped brand experience and engaged new audiences across sectors.

They’re now applying their expertise into the mobility sector (with a focus on automotive and aerospace) within the disruptive innovation consultancy Vital Auto.

At Vital Auto what they do in the in between intersectional spaces and the scraps on the cutting room floor also fuel innovation and spark new directions. They believe it’s more important than ever to bring cross-disciplinarity and diversity into the mix when it comes to designing for mobility products and services. Every touchpoint becomes an opportunity to help shape the experience and bring about commercial success.