Rob Jamieson


ISV Alliances Manager
Design Viz //
Horses for Courses

The Talk:

One of the challenges of designing things is finding the right hardware to run your applications smoothly and efficiently. Whether you are working small single part to a complete car you must consider the performance, compatibility, and usability of your hardware.

In this presentation, we will discuss some of the basic factors to consider when choosing your hardware, and how to pick the best options for your specific needs. From AI to drivers what’s the current state of play? Most of this was written by AI BTW…

The Speaker:
Robert Jamieson has 30 years’ experience in Implementing Design Solutions, and working for design software and hardware companies. Today he works at AMD and his role is forming alliances with software companies and propagating new APIs and hardware that can utilise the technology effectively. He has an addiction to buying cars/vans and motorsport in general. He has no intention of stopping.