Rob Jamieson


ISV Alliances Manager
Main Stage //
Squeezing more performance out of 3D CAD for free 


Everyone wants their workstation to go faster, even more so if it doesn’t cost you a dime. AMD’s Rob Jamieson will introduce a new graphics driver for AMD Radeon Pro professional GPUs that promises to dramatically improve 3D performance in Dassault Systèmes Solidworks and several other OpenGL-based 3D applications.

Most importantly, the re-architected driver (AMD Software: Pro Edition 22.Q3) works with current generation and older generation Radeon Pro GPUs, so it can give your ageing workstation a new lease of life.

Rob Jamieson will also introduce a new generation of Lenovo ThinkStation desktop workstations and Lenovo ThinkPad mobile workstations with powerful AMD technology at their heart.


Robert Jamieson has 30 years’ experience in Implementing Design Solutions, and working for design software and hardware companies. Today he works at AMD and his role is forming alliances with software companies and propagating new APIs and hardware that can utilise the technology effectively. He has an addiction to buying cars/vans and motorsport in general. He has no intention of stopping.