Paul Sohi


Fusion 360 Expert

The Cloud //
The Future of Making things: How the cloud will power the future


Paul Sohi is a Product Designer and Fusion360 expert for Autodesk. Having studied architecture and infrastructure planning, he then moved into working for himself, setting up a company that championed 3D printing technologies, working on art installations, music videos, product design, and technical innovations in the 3D printing industry. Now Paul works with other product designers under the Autodesk banner to help start ups develop and realise their ideas. Paul specialises in prosthetic design and Open Source hardware design, having created the worlds first 3D printed performance prosthetic to be used at the Rio Paralympics.


The Future of Making Things is the way manufacturing is moving, and cloud based technologies are helping that happen. Paul will be talking about his project creating a 3D printed prosthetic for a Paralympic cyclist to use at the Rio Olympics in September, and how cloud technologies and Fusion360 helped him work with an internationally based team to get the best results possible for the product.