Paul Hillmann


Principal Mechanical Design Engineer
Product Development //
Entocycle - Insects and Industry 4.0

Talk Abstract:
Insects are a sustainable alternative to traditional sources of protein such as soy and fishmeal which are
causing significant environmental problems including deforestation, overfishing and biodiversity loss.

The black soldier fly is nature’s perfect upcycling machine.

We take local food waste — rejected supermarket fruit and vegetables, brewer’s grains and coffee grounds — and feed it to our insects, which eat the waste and convert it to high quality protein.

Paul Hillmann is the Principal Mechanical Design Engineer for Entocycle. He has 15 years experience across three continents in both the Agri-tech and Entertainment Industries.

He has designed automation systems for spectacular theatre special effects for Cirque du Soleil and he has led multiple research projects on food processing equipment and factories.

He is now bringing together the massive automation and cutting edge technologies used in the world’s biggest stage shows with the hygienic and rugged industrial engineering of the food industry to help tackle the world protein crisis.