Ophira Malamed


R&D Centre Manager

Additive Manufacturing //
The Power Of Powderless Additive Manufacturing

Talk Abstract:

In the realm of additive manufacturing, the post-processing stage is often overlooked, despite playing a pivotal role in the functionality and quality of parts.

Enabling users to finally achieve the design freedom long promised by additive manufacturing technology, in this talk, Ophira will discuss the power of powderless.

By jetting solid nanoparticles in a liquid suspension, NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology is being used to produce 3D printed ceramic and metal parts with unparalleled detail, part density and, being powder free, ease of use.

Material development will continue to be a significant driving force for the additive manufacturing industry. So, whether utilised in the healthcare or aviation industry, Ophira will discuss why changing post-processing is such a crucial part of making additive manufacturing a truly industrial process.


With more than 15 years’ experience in both 2D and 3D printing technologies, Ophira Malamed has managed R&D and application groups for various companies.

Bringing vast and valuable industry experience, Ophira joined XJet in 2018 as a stainless-steel project manager and today manages the XJet Application Team.

Ophira has previously worked at Kornit Digital as consumables director, under her leadership, the team, developed a new ink family as well as fluorescent inks. Ophira also worked as new technologies ink development manager at Stratasys, cooperating closely with the printer development team to develop a new ink family with new inks, enabling the next generation of 3D products.

Having specialised in polymers and solar cells, Ophira holds a doctorate in Chemistry