Moritz Valentino Huber


Principal Solutions Engineering & Product Management
Future Design //
Computational Design Panel

The Speaker:

Moritz is a Director at Hyperganic Group, focusing on engineering and product management. His expertise lies in the nexus of virtual and physical engineering, utilising algorithms and simulations to create impactful applications and products for a sustainable future.

With a background in Design for Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace and Data Analytics, Moritz addresses challenges in industrialization, additive manufacturing, and machine learning. He has played pivotal roles at ArianeGroup, integrating machine learning algorithms to optimise additive manufacturing based space part production.

Moritz’s contributions extend to Fraunhofer IGCV, spanning energy consumption evaluation, investigating post-print gear displacement, and conducting experiments for multimaterial LBPF printing. His academic foundation includes a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Hochschule München University (2019-2021) underpinning his innovative engineering journey.

Hyperganic builds software to design objects that are as complex, functional, elegant and sustainable as nature.