Michael Smith & Philip Taylor



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Unpacking the top 3 myths holding back 3D technical product documentation

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End users don’t think about products the same way engineering teams are assembled to create them. Building documentation the way a product is assembled creates structure in the document and clearly defines the approval process but frustrates the user that has to jump around looking up information in many different sections.

So how do we fix this if creating documentation with a complete 3D model is like punching today’s technical documentation best practices in the face? Content creators are trained to show as little information as possible in the illustrations to allow for maximum reuse across all products. But what good is all the reuse if it just confuses users? Join us for a peek at how next-gen cloud-based applications can revolutionize the process.

For each myth holding back 3D technical documentation, we’ll discuss why it’s believable and how it’s hurting the industry.


Michael Smith – Former auto-technician turned global technical training coordinator at Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), Michael methodologically explores how technology can give professionals an edge at work. Specifically when it involves 3D technologies to improve communication.

Philip Taylor – Serial entrepreneur, 3D graphics expert (2013 SIGGRAPH Speaker), and former team lead for creature rigging and animation at Softimage and then at Autodesk. Philip has a unique ability to distill a problem to its simplest form and create software that redefines the solution space.