Joshua Burghardt


Innovation Manager
Keynote Speaker //
Beyond Tradition: Reshaping Ballet with 3D Printing

The Talk:

Join Sophia Lindner and Joshua Burghardt for an inspiring keynote that delves into the world of ballet and innovation.

Act’ble is a startup on a mission to help dancers transform into healthy athletes who can perform at their peak, thanks to technological advances in sports equipment.

The ballet industry has seen little innovation over centuries. Bloody feet and exhausted bodies have been the hallmark of hard work. It’s time for change.

In this keynote, we invite you behind the curtain to discover how we’ve designed pointe shoes that adapt to the dancer’s feet. Our 3D-printed soles are revolutionising the industry, even lasting up-to five times longer than traditional shoes, and already gracing the feet of renowned dancers worldwide.

Through 3D printing the brand has found a tool that offers the same precision and individuality as the athletes themselves. Beyond that, we’ll share how we’ve established a dynamic business model that enables continuous optimisation while entering the market in an early stage.

The Speaker:

Joshua Burghardt is Innovation Manager of act’ble, a brand revolutionising ballet with custom-fit and modular pointe shoes.

By using 3D printing, it creates pointe shoes matching each dancer’s unique feet for increased support, movement range and durability as well as to reduce pain. As a company, act’ble is striving for a healthier dance community, innovative solutions and sustainable future.