George Morris


Head of Design Engineering
Main Stage //
Siemens DI x Gravitilab

The Talk:

Gravitilab is a spacetech engineering business looking to democratise access to microgravity and space environments for research and testing – making zero gravity R&D conditions available to anyone via innovative drone and rocket technologies, for the benefit of all life on earth and ultimately life well beyond this planet.

In addressing this challenge, Gravitilab is also making Space more sustainable by significantly reducing the number of test vehicle emissions, as well as the associated build up of orbital junk that threatens the future of Space services.

In this talk, Gravitilab Head of Design Engineering George Morris will join Siemens DI’s Dan Staples onstage to explain how its software is enabling its devices so that scientists and engineers can wait less, pay less and discover more with every test drop.

The Speaker:

George Morris has a distinguished career as a design engineer, bringing his experience in composite thermoplastic structures and vehicle design to Gravitilab.

Previous roles have included being the design lead on supersonic land vehicle Bloodhound SSC, Williams Advanced Engineering and Formula 1, as well as Principal Composite Engineer for Arrival.