Francesco Leonardi


Future Fabrication //
Talk title TBC

The Talk:

This presentation revolves around the concept of production in additive manufacturing and how it can be harnessed. However, given that this introduces discourse within the AM ecosystem, how can opportunities be transformed into advantages? Is there something missing? And is this approach the key to success?

The second part will showcase Puntozero’s approach to DfAM, featuring examples of projects and case studies as references for key concepts, both pertinent to the present and essential for the future. The focus of the featured projects will be on DfAM, approach and nature inspiration which are at the foundation of Puntozero.

Expect to learn about custom structures for 3D printing and optimisation of the flows, new approaches on topology optimisation and a workflow for product development.

The Speaker:

Francesco is one of the co-founders of the Puntozero project. He comes from a background that integrates mechanical engineering with materials science and nanotechnology.

He has a strong inclination for investigating innovative themes and engineering concepts. His engineering focus in the world of additive manufacturing lies in material control and a design methodology where material and form are increasingly interconnected. He sees innovation as an advancement where artificial will become increasingly indistinguishable from natural.

Previously he has gained experience with various additive technologies using polymers and metals, both for prototyping and production.Puntozero part