Dimitris Katsanis



Future Fabrication //
Winning in sports with 3D printing

Talk Abstract:

Using 3D printing in sports applications is becoming an established method of manufacturing such equipment. Materials include Titanium and aluminium and the range of parts are from special one-offs to series production and from small parts to large ones.

In this presentation we will examine the range of parts that are currently 3D Printed, as well as the reasons and motivations. Also, we will do a bit of crystal ball gazing to try and predict where 3D Printing can potentially go in the future.


Dimitris Katsanis is founder and CEO of Metron A.E. a company based in Derbyshire specialising in metal 3D printing, design and consultancy. Born in Athens, Greece, he holds a BEng in Composites Engineering from Plymouth University and a MBA from Manchester University.

As an engineer, Katsanis worked on aircraft wings, F1 parts, armoured helicopter seats, printing machines, skeleton bob sledges, Olympic and Tour de France winning bicycles, before establishing Metron A.E. in 1996, and runs it in its current form since 2009.

Katsanis has guided the company to implement 3D Printing as a core manufacturing process for its projects.