Charlotte Jones


CMF Designer

Product Development //
Sustainable materials: A step in the right direction

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Talk Abstract:

As the circular economy becomes central to future design, and sustainability at the core of future materials choices, Charlotte will discuss how design and engineering studio CALLUM is helping clients navigate this transition.

Considering human, social, economic or environmental benefits, she will cover how designers can challenge the use of more conventional materials traditionally found in automotive with sustainable alternatives, whether that is colour, texture, or story of a material.

Using specific examples Charlotte will outline the responsibility of designers to nudge decision makers into more sustainable choices.


Charlotte is a Colour, Materials and Finish Designer working on a variety of projects across a range of sectors at CALLUM, a design and engineering business.

With a background in surface design and print, Charlotte previously owned and managed a childrenswear clothing company specialising in the design of vibrant custom prints and held the role of studio manager for a London-based print company.  Charlotte graduated from Bath Spa University with a BA (Hons) in creative Arts, mixed media and textiles.