Ben Schrauwen


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Ben Schrauwen, Ph. D. is SVP and General Manager of Oqton, Inc, a global software company that helps manufacturers increase innovation and efficiency by intelligently automating production.

Previously, Dr. Schrauwen was senior director for advanced manufacturing at Autodesk where he led multiple aspects of the business including engineering and product management to accelerate Autodesk’s advanced manufacturing solutions (i.e., additive, composites, fabrication, and factory design).

Prior to joining Autodesk, Dr. Schrauwen was a professor in machine learning and robotics at Ghent University where he co-authored more than 200 peer-reviewed publications and was leading or part of several large international research programs. Many of his Ph.D. students are now at prestigious machine learning companies and research groups worldwide. Besides being very active in academia, he was also an entrepreneur, having started and sold several businesses in the areas of machine learning, simulation, electronics, and cloud.

Ben Schrauwen holds a doctorate in engineering from Ghent University with an emphasis on digital implementations of machine learning methods, and two Master’s degrees in computer science and engineering from Antwerp University and Ghent University