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Welcome to EPLAN, the most powerful design software on the market for electrical engineers. We provide solutions that help machine, plant and control panel engineers work more efficiently than ever before; thanks to 3D modelling, the elimination of repetitive manual tasks and streamlined engineering processes.

EPLAN’s intuitive 3D environment makes it easy to design cabling and wire harnesses; you define the routing paths and the automated routing of wires and cables.

EPLAN Harness proD for cabling in machine building.

The sophisticated 3D software allows you to design and document your electrical cabling on 3D mechanical models. This means mechanical and electrotechnical designs can be transferred so you can optimise and digitalise typical cabling workflows. Harness proD closes the mechanical and electrical gap, making 3D electrotechnical cable designs a reality.

Using Harness proD will speed up processes using the digital cable designs; for example you can derive bills of materials and quality documentation with the click of a button. Important data such as cable lengths are provided downstream, and you can easily share your 3D data with those who need it.

EPLAN Harness proD for designing wire harnesses using the digital twin.

Enhancing the digital twin with the relevant electrical engineering information early in the engineering process means the cabling and wire harness designs don’t depend on the availability of a mechanical prototype. The software is open to mechanical systems and can be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes.

Overall, EPLAN’s 3D capability reduces processing times and planning errors, allowing projects to process faster and to a higher standard.