Stand: B4/B5
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Altair is a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and AI. Altair’s simulation-driven design approach to product development, where simulation technologies are used early in the development process, enables Designers, Design Engineers and Simulation Specialists to make more informed design decisions earlier, reducing the need for repeated design iterations and extensive prototype testing.

Altair’s suite of technologies that enable a simulation-driven design approach includes Altair Inspire and SimSolid. Inspire empowers users to create designs that achieve better performance and manufacturability by offering a single intuitive user experience to simulate, explore, develop, and optimize products. SimSolid is a revolutionary structural analysis solution that enables design teams to accurately test more ideas during each design iteration by performing structural analysis on fully featured CAD assemblies within minutes, while eliminating the need for geometry preparation and meshing.