Advent 3D

Stand: A22

Advent 3D Ltd is solely dedicated to the supply and support of Formlabs’ range of 3D printers. Our background in engineering and design provides a deep understanding of the requirements of these industries and is uniquely positioned to help customers use Formlabs’ 3D printing technologies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce times to market.

The affordable Form 3+ SLA printer is the latest upgrade to the highly successful Form 3 with software and hardware improvements that provide superior quality parts and up to 40% faster than previous versions. Out of the box, the Form 3+ can print more than 15 different materials including several high performance engineering materials.

Form 3L SLA printers offer the same high quality parts but with a build volume that is 5 times bigger so, as well as larger parts, a large number of smaller components can be built in a single run. Where robust parts are required for functional prototypes or end use parts, the Formlabs Fuse +30w SLS printer is the perfect solution, offering finely detailed nylon parts at very low cost.

Come and talk to us to see how these excellent value systems can benefit your business.