Wesley Essink

Beyond Boundaries: Making Implicit Modelling Mainstream for Engineers and Designers

Welcome to implicit modelling within Altair Inspire. In this presentation, we will introduce you to the powerful yet user-friendly features of the new implicit modelling engine, which liberates design workflows from the constraints of conventional CAD methods, enabling unparalleled creativity and efficiency.

With implicit modelling, geometry is defined and controlled using 3D fields, offering you unmatched control and creative freedom. Experience seamless and intuitive manipulation of shapes, streamlining geometry creation and editing with robust tools that effortlessly shape your ideas. Get ready to embrace complete control over shape properties at every point in space. Witness the power of lightning-fast computation and rendering on the GPU, which will ensure your designs materialize with the speed of thought.

Despite the immense potential, implicit modelling has faced criticisms, leading to user frustration. Steep technical learning curves, unfamiliar user interfaces, lack of compatibility with traditional CAD workflows, and difficulties in interfacing with downstream CAE processes have been key concerns. However, this presentation will demonstrate how Altair has proactively tackled these pain points, making implicit modelling more accessible to engineers and designers. By addressing these challenges head-on, Altair has paved the way for smoother adoption and integration of implicit modelling into mainstream practices.

Join us as we demonstrate the transformative power of Inspire’s implicit modelling workflows, empowering you to redefine design processes and revolutionise engineering workflows.