Stephen Graham

Design for manufacturing: Can’t we design with manufacturing?

If you’re lucky enough to work in a small company that designs and makes products under one roof, then you’re in the minority. When there’s a manufacturing problem, there’s a good chance you can thrash it out with the designer until you find a happy compromise and the product can be made.

But that’s a rare luxury as we depend on colleagues in different departments, sites, or countries to get a product to market. Here, Design for manufacturing is hugely important – whether refining CAD for CAM or using simulation to predict how much a part will deform when it’s formed, forged, moulded… but what it you could avoid “throwing the design over the wall” and have the manufacturing experts “in the room” aswell?

In this talk, Stephen Graham will introduce the Nexus digital reality platform and walk through a Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) setup that is helping a 3D printing bureau work with their customer’s engineering team to design with manufacturing using a 3D Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams to combine generative design, build prep and PBF simulations in a single collaborative design review where the teams can solve problems together.