Paul Sagar

The Future of Product Design: Smarter and Connected

Biography: Paul Sagar is the Vice President of Product Management responsible for the PTC Creo Product Management team. In his current position, he is responsible for understanding broad customer requirements for all of the PTC Creo apps, developing short and long range product release plans and communicating those plans across PTC’s development organization. He also provides regular support to PTC’s global marketing, sales and media relations teams as a spokesperson for PTC Creo.

Experience: Mr. Sagar has been in product management at PTC for 10 years, most recently working on the development of the sub-divisional modeling technology in PTC Creo® Freestyle. His previous roles at PTC include Applications Engineer and Benchmark Specialist.

Before joining PTC, Mr. Sagar worked as a Design Engineer, Managing Director of a Design consultancy in the UK and spent a number of years at IBM.

Education: Mr. Sagar earned a bachelor’s degree in product design and development from Salford University, UK.

Talk title: The Future of Product Design: Smarter and Connected

Talk Abstract: The world of product design is always evolving. Make sure you are equipped with the latest and greatest technology to ensure your product design is best in class. How will the latest trends around AR (Augmented Reality), 3D Printing, and Smart Connected Product Design impact your business and customers?

Paul’s talk will cover all of these trends and their impact on engineering, ultimately allowing YOU to build better products.