Morgan Fabian

Reclaim Creative Freedom Through The Convergence Of Design And Manufacturing

Talk Abstract:

Human creative freedom has always been restricted by three things: task-based toolsets, individual domain knowledge, and a solution domain limited to the time allotted for exploration.

Separating design from manufacturing is no longer a viable product strategy; new manufacturing techniques are hitting the market at record pace and digitisation of the factory underlines pressure to do things differently.

There is a tremendous opportunity to reclaim creative freedom by leveraging design and manufacturing convergence. Fusion 360 lessens the need for deep domain knowledge by connecting advanced manufacturing capabilities to core design. As a unified product development experience, you not only benefit from ease of team collaboration, it widely increases your innovation bandwidth by leveraging a new process aware partner: generative design.

We’ll show how accessible this technology is – whether you’re a student, a startup, or a high-end manufacturer, we’re empowering your team to design and make your most innovative product yet.


Morgan Fabian leads machine learning research & development for Fusion 360 at Autodesk, working to deliver automation and insights to converge design and manufacturing.

Since joining Autodesk, she’s held a number of technology research roles, exploring topics that range from systems design to IoT to virtual reality.

Morgan has a degree in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from University of California, Berkeley and is based out of Autodesk’s San Francisco Technology Center at Pier 9.