Mike Payne

Why is the engineering document as important as ever?

Talk Abstract:
Most CAD design products save the design as a file (document). These documents have time-date stamps, and are a snapshot in time of the continuum of the design process. They can be used by specialized systems to perform analysis, machining etc. While engineers are designing the product, they must be able to collaborate with partners, customers, suppliers along the way. During this process, the documents change frequently in response to various inputs, and so the up to date documents must be available to all interested people. No one software product from the multitude of vendors can be the best for all interests. Documents are the exchange mechanism, both in computer form, and on paper, that have stood the test of time, and are the documents of record and will continue to be.

Talk Title:
Why is the engineering document as important as ever?

Mike is a serial entrepreneur who needs no introduction to users in the Engineering, CAD and PLM worlds.  A prolific technologist, Mike has co-founded technology companies, including PTC, SolidWorks and SpaceClaim, each which has changed the way the things we use everyday are designed and manufactured. Now, Mike has turned to revolutionizing the concept of Document Management, Cloud Storage, Project Collaboration and Execution with Kenesto.