Matthew Sederberg

Highly Accurate Spline-based FEA

Talk Abstract:
A new highly accurate and performant approach to FEA is to run simulations directly on smooth splines, the building blocks of CAD models.

Thousands of academic papers have been published since 2005 investigating this approach, and Coreform has invented a new unstructured spline type to enable commercial applications. Coreform Analyze (beta) is the first commercial solver natively built to run on a smooth spline basis.

In this presentation, we share results, discuss new potential engineering workflows, and show how this could open the door to a future of Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) for some engineering workflows.

In IGA, data conversion from CAD to an FEA mesh is eliminated, replaced by a single geometric definition suitable for CAD, simulation, optimisation, and manufacturing.

Coreform CEO and co-founder Matt Sederberg is a pioneer in introducing new technologies to the CAD/CAE industry. Sederberg introduced the T-Splines design technology to the CAD market as the CEO of T-splines, Inc. in 2006.

The company wrote plugins for Rhino and Solidworks, and was acquired by Autodesk in 2011.

Autodesk subsequently integrated T-Splines into their products Fusion 360, Inventor, Dynamo, and Alias Speedform.

Sederberg filled various roles at Autodesk, including product management of Alias. With Coreform since 2016, he now works closely with customers, especially from the automotive and defense industries, to create next-gen CAE.