Jonas Nyvang

Folding the future with industrial origami

Metal fabrication is a traditional and essential industry that produces various products and systems that we use every day, such as vehicles, buildings, furniture, appliances and more. However, metal fabrication is also a wasteful and energy-intensive process that involves cutting, welding and joining multiple pieces of metal to create the desired shape. This results in material loss, emissions, costs and time.

STILFOLD is a Swedish start-up that has developed a novel technology that can create complex 3D shapes from a single sheet of metal, without any cutting, welding or joining. The technology uses a robotic arm and artificial intelligence to fold the metal sheet along curved lines, creating smooth and precise folds without cracking or tearing the material. The technology is based on the ancient art of origami, which can create beautiful and intricate shapes from simple and flat materials.

STILFOLD’s technology offers many advantages over conventional methods of metal fabrication, such as:

  • Reduced material waste, energy consumption and production time
  • Increased structural strength, durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Enhanced flexibility, adaptability and customization

STILFOLD’s technology can be applied to various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, furniture, art and more.