Jon Hirschtick

Design Data Management 2.0: Modern Teams Need Modern Tools

Talk Abstract:
All design teams need to manage their design data. Working with an internal team, suppliers, contractors and customers all over the world requires control, collaboration and dissemination of that data. With old-generation filebased CAD, the only options are manually managing files on disks or Dropbox, or using a file-based PDM system.

Unfortunately, these approaches often unintentionally create a state of design gridlock — slowing teams down and blocking people from doing their best work. Users have become used to these data management gridlock problems as necessary evils.

A new generation of modern CAD solves these data management problems by storing design data in a secure cloud workspace using a database instead of files. Design data never needs to be copied and can be securely accessed or edited by anyone on the team on any device anywhere.

We call this “Design Data Management 2.0” — a modern generation of data management for modern design teams. Onshape will be announcing and showing new data management features at DEVELOP3D Live.

While many professionals already know the benefits of Onshape’s unique database architecture – such as running on any browser, phone or tablet, and the way it has improved core CAD features – the addition of Design Data Management 2.0 makes Onshape an even more powerful platform for today’s engineers, designers and manufacturers.

Talk title:
Design Data Management 2.0: Modern Teams Need Modern Tools

Jon is Cofounder and CEO of Onshape, a company in Cambridge, Massachusetts that is the leading provider of cloud 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools. Prior to Onshape Jon was a founder of SolidWorks where he served as CEO, Board Member, and Group Executive until 2011. SolidWorks was acquired by Dassault Systemes.

Jon has been a board member and advisor at many other startup companies in the 3D printing, augmented reality, and CAD markets including Magic Leap, MarkForged, Z Corporation, Revit, Liquid Machines, Express3D, and Vela Systems.