Johannes Mann

Inspection of 3D printed parts

Talk Abstract:
3DPrinting is the fastest growing area of modern manufacturing. Whether it is prototypes, functional parts or even molds, every week there is a new material, a new and better machine, or even completely new technologies. In order to certify the processes and their results to sell high quality parts, Computer Tomography gives the transparent insight. Rather than just scratching the surface with a few dimensions, CT enables an overall inspection approach including defect analysis as well as a full GD&T also on inner features. CT pushes inspection up to the same level as manufacturing was pushed by 3D printing

Talk Title:
Inspection of 3D printed parts

Johannes is Key-Account Manager based at the German Head Quarter of Volume Graphics. As part of the sales team, he is taking care of the automotive key-accounts. Driven by a strong passion for new technologies and being focussed on customer needs, he made his way from the design department to the sales and counts over 7 years of experience close to the automobile industry. Having achieved a degree in mechanical engineering as well as a Masters degree in technology management, Johannes developed a deep understanding of the technical and the commercial side of the business.