Jesse Coors-Blankenship

Jesse Coors-Blankenship

Talk Abstract:

Current approaches to designing parts for advanced manufacturing, or lightweighting parts for cost savings make use of topology optimization. However existing commercial solutions for topology optimization do not output manufacturable geometry because these solutions are based on finite element structures accustomed to stress engineers, not designers. Considerable time and effort is then required to take the design output from these systems and make it ready for manufacturing. Traditional CAD systems have been maximized to their full potential and are also not effective at modeling these complex next generation parts.

Enter Frustum, and its next-gen functional generative design software Generate – a cloud based app that helps designers and engineers fully unlock the potential of advanced manufacturing and gives them freedom to reimagine how parts could be designed for a new generation of products. Generate’s ground breaking technology blends the power of generative design with prciese engineering geometry, to produce high quality parts that are ready for manufacture.

In this session, Frustum’s CEO and Founder Jesse Coors-Blankenship will demonstrate their latest generative design innovations. He will explore how their advances in technology enables users to capture manufacturing intent early in the design process and output designs for additive manufacturing, CNC machining, casting and forging methods.Furthermore, he will expand on how generative design for additive manufacturing can generate fully printable optimized designs including mesostructures and self-supporting filters, eliminating the need and cost of part redesign resulting in significant savings in weight and design time.

Talk Title:
How Functional Generative Design Reshapes Everything


Jesse Blankenship is a consummate technologist and pioneer of functional generative design. His original research in design optimization at Columbia University and Cornell University lead him to the position of Senior Optimization Engineer at Autodesk Research where he was the lead optimization engineer on the Airbus 2050 concept plane. After his time at Autodesk Jesse founded Frustum Inc. to realize his vision of an integrated design optimization platform for designers and engineers to break the mold of traditional CAD modelling paradigms. With an eye to the future on the way we design and manufacture things, Jesse is driving Frustum’s flagship platform Generate to market.