Jay Short

The Value Beyond – Haptics, Biometrics And More

Talk Abstract:

The use of the likes of VR and AR are now perhaps unsurprisingly common within design and engineering fields as means of streamlining processes and allowing collaboration in real-time across multiple locations.

In this talk, Short will explore how exponential value can be gained from integrating less well-known tools such as biometrics and haptic feedback into both design and presentation processes.

With examples of projects worked on by INITION as well as his thoughts around what could happen next, Jay will aim to explain the areas that businesses should be at the very least exploring and hopefully implementing into their processes over the next 12-18 months and beyond.


Short has worked in the world of innovative technologies for close to 10 years. After working for a product design company, he discovered 3D printing and was fascinated by the potential.

Having worked one of the UK’s first 3D printing studios during a period of whirlwind growth, he then moved to INITION whose reputation was made as technology integrators.

As a strong believer in the importance of remaining technology agnostic, he now works as part of a team in London producing award-winning and boundary pushing content across VR/AR/holography and many other mediums.