Gustavo Fontana

Where are the blue oceans? Competing as a solo designer

Gustavo in an industrial designer with 15 years of experience. Raised in Argentina and Spain, he move to US to study design in Arizona State. He started his career in consulting firms in US such as Ziba, Fitch, and Essential. He did the freelance thing around Boston for many years and then started his own design studio where he worked with many clients including Bose, RIM, Boston Scientific and Kodak. Doing design as execution and selling it as a service got him bored and he decided to focus his career on his real passion: early conceptual work and creating new product categories.

He’s a very pragmatic designer/builder driven by practical, pure and honest solutions. And he believes in relentless execution and prototyping as a preferred method for developing intuitive and impossibly simple solutions.

By day Gustavo designs and manages an advanced development team of industrial design at a large corporation. By night he tinkers with other ideas to keep his mind fresh beyond his own industry. To complicate his life some more, he decided to recently start nimblstand, his own self-funded brand of made in the USA products for mobile computing.