Dr. Jonathan Ingram

The story of BIM, Fact, Fantasy and the Future

Synopsis: The story of the development of BIM is told by one of its originators. The presentation will show:The origin of BIM and how it has developed.Case studies illustrating the first use of BIM in Engineering, Architecture, Building Services, CM and others in the 1980s and 1990s.Show and prove direct links between Graphisoft, Revit, Reflex, Sonata and others.

Biography: Designed and wrote first BIM systems. (Now acknowledged by Bojar founder of Graphisoft as being the first BIM). Won 2016 Prince Philip from RAEng for “outstanding Contribution to Engineering” for “pioneering BIM”.

Winner of the British Computer Society Medal for Outstanding Innovation” 1990 Chief Technology Officer of what was the largest CAD company in the world Parametric Technology Corporation.
Author of the soon to be published book “BIM” Taught first courses in object modelling (BIM) at Harvard in 1996.
Sold Reflex to PTC for $30M PhD computer Science and Civil Engineer.