Bradley Rothenberg

Computational engineering enabled by implicit modelling

Talk Abstract:
Engineering is – and always has – encompassed a generative component, however computation is ultimately what allows us to solve the next generation of engineering problems via technology like implicit modelling.

Capturing engineering knowledge/process, and locking it down via digitisation, is key to scalability across teams and key to responding in real time to changes.

This is especially true with advanced manufacturing; the increasing importance of large datasets, engineering process are becoming more difficult to understand with disconnected tools, and impossible to automate due to fragile underlying data structures. Implicit modelling provides the robust underlying data model to build scalable engineering processes on top of and built for automation from the start.

Bradley Rothenberg studied architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and has been developing computational design tools for advanced manufacturing for the last 10+ years.

Prior to founding nTopology, Rothenberg was working on high performance 3D printed mirrors with embedded cooling channels.