Andy Roberts

Desktop Metal - Unlocking Generative Design Potential with Live Parts™

Talk Abstract:
Desktop Metal, the company committed to making metal 3D printing accessible to manufacturers and engineers, will preview an advanced software tool that offers a new approach to designing for additive manufacturing. Live Parts™, an experimental technology, explores a new solution to simplify generative design for 3D printing. Join Desktop Metal for a deep dive into the morphogenetic principles driving Live Parts and a demonstration of its capabilities.

Talk Title:
Desktop Metal – Unlocking Generative Design Potential with Live Parts™

Andy Roberts: As a Senior Software Engineer at Desktop Metal, Andy Roberts is spearheading the development of Live Parts™, a new generative design tool that uses morphogenetic principles to enable engineers and designers to quickly realize the benefits of additive manufacturing, including material and cost efficiency, and design flexibility. A graduate of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with extensive experience at leading technology innovators such as Parametric Technology Corp., Ab Initio, Azuki Systems and IBM, Andy has a proven track record of bringing to market successful products for engineers and developers.