Zehavit B. Reisin


Vice President / Head of Rapid Prototyping Solutions & Materials Business Units

3D / Print / Materials //
Functional Printe materials

Zehavit will look at how, by using a range of functional printing materials, Stratasys’ latest FDM-based 3D printing solutions empower product design workgroups and engineers to make professional rapid prototyping more productive – from initial concept verification to design validation to functional performance testing.

Formerly vice president for Stratasys’ Materials Business Unit, Zehavit B. Reisin has more recently extended her role to also head up the Rapid Prototyping Solutions Business Units at Stratasys. Zehavit has over 20 years’ experience in various project, product and business management positions in the printing industry, including 10 years in the 3D printing industry. She holds an MA and BA in physics from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the senior business management course at the university’s Recanati Graduate School for Business Administration.