Sergio Madeira


Creative Specialist

Design Viz //
Introducing the next generation in visualization for design

In this talk, Foundry Creative Specialist, Sergio Madeira, will take you through Foundry’s design
workflow which enhances both visualization and collaboration across design teams.
Sergio will take you through some of the key features and developments within Foundry’s Design
applications which enable designers to take ideas from their initial conception and enable them
to communicate their vision accurately across their business from manufacturing right through to

Sergio Madeira is a 3D artist and designer with over 25 years of experience, largely in the
automotive industry. He’s worked on brands including Volvo,  Jaguar, Land Rover and BMW.
With a skillset combining strong technical know-how in visualization, product design, molding and
manufacturing, Sergio brings unparalleled expertise to his role as Foundry’s Creative Specialist
for design.