Samuel Wangsaputra & Joon Sang Lee

Pentaform Computers Ltd

Joon Sang Lee
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Pentaform: Building a mission focused hardware company


Pentaform is a company based London. Our team has previously worked with Marc Newson, Apple and built digital products that have been used by +1 million users.

Join this talk for a to learn more about our journey to launch hardware products, build their communities, and grow their business – from the early stages all the way up to fulfillment.


Sam is a product designer and a hardware engineer previously working for Apple Inc and Marc Newson  From consumer products to installations exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, the majority of his work looks at how he can take advantage of the digital computing world in a physical form.

He is driven to change the perception of objects by transforming speculative ideas into experiences, which could be used or cherished by the general public today. Samuel is currently working on Pentaform Computers Ltd, a startup in collaboration with Innovation RCA

Joon is a Korean British Entrepreneur and futurist. UCL in 2016 he helped to start one of the first student blockchain societies in the world. From Blockchain to hardware, he has helped projects go from concept production to revenue. He has collectively helped startups raise $4 million to date and help launch software products used by more than a 1 million people.