Rob Jamieson

AMD Radeon Pro

ISV Alliances Manager
Design Viz //
Making your images an experience, with VR and Rendering, and all that other stuff in the middle

Lead by AMD, we will take a deep dive into the emerging trends in VR, and Rendering that all attendees need to know, whilst understanding the hardware challenges they bring. With over 30 years of personal experience in rendering the AMD presenters will run us through the key topics to be considered, allowing you to go away with an understanding and overview of making these new experiences.

Rob has many years of experience in the CAD/Design and IT industry. From implementing 2D CAD solutions where the only line colour was green to working at a CAD software company  where he demonstrated 3D solid modelling tools.

In his current role at AMD he works with most of the major CAD/CAM/CAE software vendors to improve the 3D performance using hardware and gets a good view of all the major developments in both software and hardware and how they interact.