Renate Eder


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What product design can learn from fashion mass-digitizing its products

The Talk:

In contrast to other industries like Automotive, the product creation lifecycle in Fashion is short and the volumes of new garments and shoes per season vast. As the Fashion industry is embracing 3D further and utilizing it today in Design, Development, Selling & Marketing, Fashion brands need the support of their supply chain in this fast-paced environment. In her talk, Renate will explain how the industry managed to vertically integrate digitization and how they involve their material suppliers and manufacturers in their 3D initiatives.

The Speaker:

Renate Eder is the CCO and Managing Partner at Vizoo. In this capacity, Eder is focused on products and services that facilitate the implementation of material digitization throughout their clients’ supply chain.

Her team is consulting brands, manufacturers and fabric mills how to leverage 3D technology for the material creation process.

Eder has her background in the sporting goods industry when she headed up the 3D Apparel Creation Technologies Team at adidas. There she played a major role in the implementation of 3D technologies and processes throughout the Apparel supply chain.

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