Peter Harman

CAE Tech

Future Fabrication //
Made To Order: A journey towards automated mass-customisation


With diverse case-studies including healthcare, electronics, offsite-construction and shipbuilding; this talk explores the benefits from making products on-demand at near mass production efficiency. Could a future of lower energy and material consumption, production closer to the consumer, and increased modularity and personalisation be possible?

Each of these products currently requires the input of a designer or engineer during the sales or manufacturing processes, making it difficult to increase the scale of production and risking stoppages. Pete will also explore how his own journey from simulation and optimisation in F1 to software for manufacturing has impacted this vision.


Pete is the founder and CTO of CAE Tech, creators of cloud-based software for the engineering manufacturing industry, based in Leamington Spa, UK.

He has previously had technical leadership positions at ESI Group, cloud-pioneers CyDesign, and his own simulation software startup Deltatheta.

Prior to moving into the software industry he worked as a Mechanical Engineer specialised in applying simulation at Lotus, Ricardo and Honda Racing F1.