Pari Singh

Flow Engineering

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Why “Digital Transformation” is currently failing engineers and designers

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Tired of hunting down the latest engineering parameters you need again and again? Engineering teams are stuck in data management hell, losing hours every day to meetings, emails, and excessive design reviews just to keep everyone up to date with the changing system values.

Despite the advances in “Digital Twins” and “Industry 4.0”, engineers and designers are feeling the cross-tool, cross-team data problem more acutely than ever.

Flow Engineering (formerly The Engineering Company) is a startup building tools to help multi-disciplinary engineering teams design and iterate complex systems up to 35% faster.

Flow is a collaborative single-source-of-truth for shared values across multi-disciplinary systems. Engineers can find, subscribe to, and track changes to the data they need in seconds, regardless of the tool they use to do their engineering. This presentation will discuss the root of the problem, talk about where digital transformation has left gaps, and the opportunities going forward.



Pari Singh is the Founder and CEO of Flow Engineering. After graduating from Imperial College with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 Pari founded Flow to revolutionise the engineering design process. Flow’s technology has been built by a team of talented engineers from companies such as Facebook, Google, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes F1, and Qinetiq.

Flow has solved fundamental engineering research problems, built groundbreaking technology, and then demonstrated it in the Automotive, Energy, and Space industries. It is backed by world-leading investors, including EQT Ventures. Due to these achievements, Pari was recognised on 2019’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list.