Oleg Shilovitsky


Co-founder and CEO

Data Management //
Cloud data management, real-time collaboration and connected cloud storage using OpenBOM

Talk Abstract :
The engineering and manufacturing world have gone distributed. Manufacturing companies are global.
Customers are everywhere. Suppliers are everywhere. And, manufacturing companies are looking for the best
engineering talent. For manufacturing companies, technologies that are capable of handling communication
and collaboration among engineers, production planning, procurement, supply chain and other players in the
manufacturing value chain are extremely important.
Unfortunately, most tools used by manufacturing companies to manage data and collaborate are essentially
old fashion relational-database and file based tools.
OpenBOM introduced global cloud-based data management system providing granular distributed data
storage and access functions combined with unique real-time collaboration. Openness, connected cloud
storage and integration with cloud and desktop CAD systems provides seamless integration of OpenBOM in
existing engineering and manufacturing workflows.

Oleg Shilovitsky is CEO and co-founder of openBoMâ„¢, entrepreneur, and blogger at Beyond PLM.
Shilovitsky has been building software products for data management, engineering, and manufacturing. He
has developed PDM / PLM software and worked for companies such as SmarTeam, Dassault Systèmes,
Inforbix (acquired by Autodesk), and Autodesk. Shilovitsky is the author of the popular blog (Beyond PLM)
where he shares his thoughts and discusses various engineering and manufacturing software topics.