Nick Chubb


Lead Industrial Designer
Product Development //
How to enhance the user experience of your products

Talk Abstract:
Usability is all about increasing the quality of interaction between people and products. That’s it.

Anticipating the safety needs of a product is only one half of it.

The other half is not so much about regulation, but building in pleasing user interactions from the very
beginning and making the product more satisfying to use.

Positive word of mouth is essential to having long-lasting success in the market, and it isn’t achieved without a commitment to sweating the details on user experience.

In this talk, Nick will guide us through the considerations and approaches to help us enhance the user
experience of physical products in our own design projects.

Nick Chubb is the Lead Industrial Designer at IDC.

An experienced designer with a First Class Master’s Degree in Product Design and previously selected by DEVELOP3S as one of the Top 5 New Designers in the UK.

With a keen eye for form, user experience and design strategy, Nick has driven the overall design direction and led a wide number of user-centred design projects for premium global brands and start-ups in consumer, industrial and medical sectors.