Mike Tinmouth

Acua Ocean


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Autonomy and the future of rapid force augmentation


Whether it is the workplace or the battlefield; enhanced risks, a shrinking talent pool and increased cost sensitivity means that businesses and governments alike are turning to autonomy as a means to rapidly scale and deploy solutions during times of need.

In his session Mike will discuss how autonomy can fill the roles that we no longer want nor can afford people to do – and the challenges and opportunities that represents. He will discuss how planning and design is needed now, if we are to deliver on the full capability that autonomy can offer.


Mike has spent the last decade working in and advising high growth tech startups, with a specific focus on helping Govtech startups go-to-market and scale. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree with a major in Maritime Law and an MSc in Risk and Security Management.

Mike is a mentor on the PUBLIC GovStart accelerator, and a lecturer and business coach on the Royal Navy’s innovation programme, The Percy Hobart Fellowship.