Matthew Shomper


CEO / Founder
Main Stage //
Introducing LatticeRobot!

The Talk:
Lattices offer the potential to change the world of advanced manufacturing, but a lack of common knowledge impedes their application.  LatticeRobot closes this gap by bringing a community of engineers together in a computationally enhanced working space to aggregate and explore the world’s knowledge of lattices, textures, and related mesoscale geometry and applications.

LatticeRobot’s interactive environment helps engineers explore what combination of base materials and lattice geometries create data-driven results.  It combines lattice geometry and empirical, functional data to produce optimized implicit unit cells that work with modern latticing software.  Data supplied by hardware, software, and consulting vendors refers users back to the referenced products and services, helping users discover the most fit products and services for their applications.

The Speaker:
Matthew is an innovative engineering thought leader with noted expertise in the computational design of advanced 3D-printed medical implants. An expert in biomimicry, he has spearheaded multiple public initiatives to synthesize biological structures as computational models for use in engineered products. Matthew also pioneered the idea of a “biologically advantageous implant,” and leads various areas of research on reducing an implant’s footprint inside of the body. Matthew’s journey is an exploration from the macro to the micro of biological forms, turning algorithms into functional structures for physical devices. His work doesn’t just stop at ideas; it’s a bridge that connects his deep curiosity about mathematics and the natural sciences with a drive to bring these ideas, through to output execution to a form that can truly impact our lives.

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