Mark Simpson

CAD Schroer

Product Line Manager
Design Viz //
Practical Guide To Product Showcasing With AR/VR/MR Apps

Talk Abstract:

Although the creation and visualisation of 3D designs is nowadays part of everyday engineering practice, the use of the latest ‘Realities’ provides exciting new opportunities to leverage your design data for customer and partner applications.

What are the challenges and benefits of the various technologies and where might they be employed for best effect? We offer a summary of our experience.

Moving forward into the Mixed Reality world, where graphics meets meta-data, we’ll show some examples of what’s possible today and a glimpse of tomorrow.

Much of our expertise is in moving data from the design office into the industrial world of factories, plants and sites; somewhere that these new technologies really shine.


From 1985 to today Mark has worked directly in the cad software industry: Computervision, Prime, PTC and 17 years at CAD Schroer. 30 years delivering custom design systems and integrations, he is currently more involved with product management.

Design improvement projects include: Power stations, bottling plants, forklift truck batteries and surgical implant assembly.  Today he is working on taking the outputs of the 3D machinery design systems and placing them into the VR/AR/MR worlds.

Mark is a confirmed “flat earther” [likes 2D drawings], outdoors and currently building a 1/2 size traction engine (no CNC).