Konstantin Gaytandzhiev

Chaos Group

Team lead for V-Rhino/SketchUp/Revit, Chaos Group

Design Viz //
From here to the future of Rendering

Talk Abstract:
Konstantin will highlight next generation technologies that will
accelerate workflows ant produce faster, cleaner renders benefitting Rhino, Grasshopper and Unreal users. He
will also explore the benefits of the current cutting edge in GPU hardware acceleration, which drives the
company’s experimental Project Lavina real-time ray-tracing technology. If we are lucky we will also hear of
the soon to be launched Chaos Cloud rendering platform.

Recently responsible for the main effort and guidance that brought V-Ray Next to
its current performance level in Rhino. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Konstantin previously
used to be a 3D Artist and CG Specialist.