Julia Britton

Bomper Studio

3D Artist and Production Coordinator

Design Viz //
Creating Great CAD-Driven Visuals That Beat Those Shrinking Deadlines

Talk Abstract:

With manufacturing lead times being squeezed, marketing teams’ need for speedy, dynamic, 3D content is ever-growing. In response to this demand, the importing of CAD data has streamlined significantly.

Bomper Studio explores the impact of this trend, and how you can use Cinema 4D’s importing tools to empower yourself as an artist.

The talk will also discuss Bomper Studio’s process for working with detail-rich CAD models, allowing the studio to create impressive visuals that highlight a product’s design, sometimes before it’s even been produced in the real world.


Our team of in-house artists, illustrators, animators, art directors and producers pride ourselves on creating award-winning imagery with global agencies and brands.

Hyperreal renders and animations strike a perfect balance between reality and imagination. Our creative retouching augments traditional photographic techniques with cutting-edge CGI and VFX.

We’re on shelves and bus stops, broadcasted and printed around the world. And we’re constantly challenging our ambitions by playing with medium and scale, bringing an affection for aesthetics to each project.

It’s this dedication to craft that makes Bomper stand out.