James Hunt


Head of Strategy

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Additive Manufacturing //
Enabling Space Research With Additive Manufacturing

Talk Synopsis:

Additive Manufacturing provides a solution for generating truly optimised and unique designs – perfect for the strict design requirements, in terms of weight and packaging, of small, lightweight, micro-satellites called CubeSats.

This talk will chart the design and development path by the AMRC for producing novel components for present and future CubeSats.


Following more than 10 years as a researcher in the UK steel industry, Hunt moved to the University of Sheffield helping to expand the reach and capability of the innovative metals processing group.

He proved instrumental in expanding the facilities of the centre’s advanced manufacturing techniques, ranging from inkjet printing to metal injection moulding, additive manufacturing and electron beam welding.

Since moving to the AMRC in 2016 he has been responsible for establishing a combined strategy for the complete additive manufacturing process chain from powder through to finished part, helping supply chain companies to explore the possibilities of AM.